mural painting

Object type mural painting
Fabric Roman architectural material
Culture/period Roman world
Materials lime mortar
Technique painting
Production date -27 / 14
Museum Museu de Guissona
Current location Exposició permanent
Archaeological site Iesso
Township Guissona (Europa, Espanya, Catalunya, Lleida, Segarra)
Dimensions 990 x 1190 mm
Fragments of murals documented in room number 11 of the Domus, which correspond to a second Pompeian style. These modest paintings were probably the work of a local artist or workshop. They show a pictorial decoration that draws a grey blue base, with splashes in a maroon colour, trying to imitate marbling. Over this base, a fine red line and green band, separate the base from the central body of the decoration. The central body is formed by white- beige rectangles, which are bounded by a pink band and a thin black line; inside the rectangle another smaller rectangle is drawn with a thin red line and a plant motif is painted at the top of the second rectangle. The rectangles that make up the main body of the composition are separated by a thick black stripe, on which a plant motif is repeatedly printed, similar to those at the top of the interior rectangles, separated by a sequence of dots.
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© Museu de Guissona
Omeka ID 527