pedestal of Marcus Caecilius Probus

Object type pedestal
Fabric epigraphic material
Culture/period Roman world
Materials limestone
Technique cut, carving
Production date 14 / 192
Museum Museu de Guissona
Current location Exposició permanent
Archaeological site Iesso
Township Guissona (Europa, Espanya, Catalunya, Lleida, Segarra)
Dimensions 925 x 610 x 490 mm
Honorary pedestal in the shape of a rectangular cube made of limestone and which must have been crowned by a statue. It contains an epigraphic field with the inscription: M(arc)·CAECILIO / M(arc) CAECILI / ARGVTI F(ILIO)·GAL(ERIA)/PROBO/TYCHE LIB(erta)/D(e) S(uo) F(aciendum) C(uravit). This pedestal was erected by the freedwoman tyche in tribute and gratitude to her former owner Marcus Cecilius Probus. This pedestal was reused in the Middle Ages as the foot of the altar in the Romanesque church. With the construction of the neoclassical church between 1776 and 1800, this pedestal was used as a decorative element in the facade of the new church. In 1992 it was removed from the facade and moved to the Museum.
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© Museu de Guissona
Omeka ID 543